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Auto Repair and Maintenance Shop in Carlsbad, California

Car A/C Repair

Car A/C

In the heat of a California summer, it is vital that your car’s A/C system is in proper working order. If warm air is blowing out of the vents, the most likely cause is that Freon has leaked out, and the systems need to be recharged. We use R134 refrigerant but can get hold of rarer Freons if needed.

Transmission Repair Services

Transmission Repair

At Carlsbad Automotive Technology we do transmission servicing, either automatic or manual, but we don’t rebuild them. Our team can carry out transmission flushes using a machine that flushes out all the old transmission fluid so new can be put in. Regular transmission services are essential for keeping your vehicle running smoothly.

Brake Repair Services


The turnaround time for a vehicle brake job here at Carlsbad Automotive Technology is between one and two hours, which is incredibly quick for any auto repair shop. We have skilled mechanics, and they don’t start doing any repairs until an inspection is carried out, and an estimate accepted by the customer.

About Carlsbad Automotive Technology

Carlsbad Automotive Technology has been operating from the same address in Carlsbad, California, for 28 years and is a well-established and highly reputable firm in the city. We are a family run business and stand by our company slogan, ‘We take pride in repairing it right the first time’. All parts and repair come with a one-year, 12,000-mile warranty, whichever comes first, with the exception of commercial vehicles. Our company has great longevity in Carlsbad and we have built up an unbeatable level of expertise. Our pricing structure is affordable and competitive.

As an established auto repair firm we have a number of professional certificates including Master ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certificates, Advanced ASE Engine and Performance, and ACDelco Steering and Suspension certificate. All members of the US Military and the Boy Scouts of America receive a 10% discount. Although we are based in Carlsbad we attract custom from drivers in North San Diego, Marine Corps base at Camp Pendleton, and further afield. 

  • Family Owned & Operated Over 20 Years
  • Service A/C R134 & R12 Systems
  • ASE Certified
  • Specializing In Auto Electric
  • 10% Off Boy Scouts Of America
  • And More ...

Engine Repair and Electrical Systems

If your car engine needs to be repaired or replaced, then you should contact Carlsbad Automotive Technology to do the job. Our technicians have years of experience in diagnosing what is wrong with an engine when a customer brings it into our shop. An automobile engine replacement is sold individually without any other parts required to make a functional car, for example, a drivetrain. The engines are produced either as aftermarket parts or reproductions of engines that have gone out of production.

Electrical wiring in a vehicle can often break through wear and tear, or it can be chewed by rodents. In either case, we can do the repair work for you at our shop in Carlsbad, California. We specialize in wiring and electrical repairs and it is a vital service because electrical systems are becoming increasingly important in automobiles. An electrical circuit can be found in every part of a modern car, from heated seats to powered windows to computer controlled engine components.

Engine Repair

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