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Brake Repair and Inspections in Carlsbad, California

At Carlsbad Automotive Technology we have the expertise to tackle every type of general auto repair – and one of the car systems we are most asked to check is the brakes. It is obviously vital that every vehicle on the road has a properly functioning braking system, and we are on hand to guarantee that you can travel in safety.

Motorists who come to us to have brake repairs carried out can be assured of a very quick turnaround time. We have technicians here who are highly experienced and professional and who will get any brake repair job done within two hours, and that includes the time it takes to get the parts required.

We do not carry out any brake repairs until we have thoroughly inspected the system and diagnosed the problem. Then we will provide the customer with an estimate for the work, and if that is accepted, we will get started.

Our slogan is ‘We take pride in repairing it right the first time’ and we strive to live up to it every working day, not only for brake repairs but for every other service we carry out on behalf of our valued customers.

If you hear a noise when you start to brake, or the brakes grind, vibrate or pulsate when you press down on the pedal, then it is time you brought the vehicle into our shop in Carlsbad, California, right away.

At Carlsbad Automotive Technology we can replace the brake pads, or machine turn the rotors if they are the faulty parts. We will take the car for a test drive after the work is done. Other brake components that we can fix include calipers, drums, shoes, wheel cylinders, master cylinders, brake boosters, brake hoses, and lines. So call us today on (760) 651-2911 and make sure your brakes are safe.

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