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Carlsbad Automotive Technology

Automotive Repair and Oil Changes in Carlsbad, California

At Carlsbad Automotive Technology we have a company slogan, ‘We take pride in repairing it right the first time’ and it sums up the commitment we have to meet the needs of all our customers. Our main service is general auto repair including alignments, a/c services, batteries, brakes, drivetrain, engine repairs, engine tune-ups, oil changes, radiator services, steering, and suspension, transmission services, muffler repair, vehicle inspection and vehicle maintenance. We are specialists in the repair and servicing of air conditioning systems, which are essential to any vehicle in California.

Ensuring the braking system in your vehicle is in perfect working order is another necessity and we are experts in diagnosing any problem and replacing the parts needed. We always take the car on a test drive after a brake job. We carry out engine repair and replacement work, transmission services including gravity flushes, and a full electrical and wiring repair and replacement service.

Engine Repair Service

Engine Repair

Broken wires can mean wear and tear or rodent damage, but we have the expertise to fix the problem. We will repair or replace the battery, and we always check the batteries in case there is a battery drain. Our technicians will inspect the entire electrical system and fix any parts that need to be sorted. Many vehicle systems and components now run on electrical power, so it is an increasingly important service.

Brake Repair Shop


It goes without saying that a faulty braking system could have disastrous consequences, so it is important that the brakes in your car are fully functional. At Carlsbad Automotive Technology we can have a brake repair done within two hours, and we always take the car for a test drive afterwards. Among the parts that we service are brake pads and shoes, rotors and drums, calipers, wheel cylinders, brake hoses, and lines. 

Transmission Repair Services


At Carlsbad Automotive Technology we carry out vehicle transmission servicing, either automatic or manual; we do not rebuild them. We do transmission flushes using a machine that flushes out all the old transmission fluid so new fluid can be put in. This method is invaluable because old fluid often breaks down causing the transmission system not to function properly. 

Electrical/Wiring Services

Electrical/Wiring Service

Our experienced mechanics here at Carlsbad Automotive Technology specialize in vehicle wiring and electrical repair, and we appreciate how important electrical systems are in modern cars. Electrical circuits are found throughout cars from heated seats and power windows to computer controlled engine components and even tire electrical circuits. We repair and replace any wires that have become damaged or broken, and we thoroughly inspect the battery in case of any battery drain.

A/C Recharge Services

A/C service

Most of the calls we receive from drivers reporting a faulty air conditioning stem from the Freon having leaked and the a/c system needing to be recharged. This is particularly the case in an older car, and our mechanics will repair any leaking hoses. We use R134 Freon although we can get rare kinds if needed. In some cases, a hose, or another part of the a/c system, may not be functioning, but if you bring your vehicle to us, we will fix it.

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